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Hello super riders! :)

How is your week going?!

With the end of the financial year coming on it kind of feels like the end of the year. That’s exciting as it is kind of your 6 monthly check in to where you are with your goals :)

So where are you?!!?!? Have you accomplished a lot in one area and perhaps not as much in another? It is all a matter of focus.

It is unfortunate that it is impossible to have ten Number 1 priorities. There will always be a number 1 and number 10. For a long time riding was number 1 and that has had to move for the time being to make family number 1.

This means the goals change and the progress you make in some areas is a lot and in others there may not be the progress you had planned.

So I hope you have fun this week looking at your goals and your progress, and see where you are on track for your yearly goals, and where you need to perhaps put a bit more attention on… or not, depending on what you want to have accomplished by 31st December 2013 :)

To Your Success,

Natasha Althoff Signature