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Are you choosing easy or choosing results?

One of the biggest things that changed my entire life, and the way I experience life is when I learnt this vital rule:

“I take 100% responsibility for my life. 100% responsibility for all my results, and more importantly all my non results.”

Now when you play at that level … that can be confronting! :) I remember 3 months in, having a crazy party in my head, because I wanted to blame, excuse, justify, rationalize SO BADLY!!!!! … But I knew that wasn’t going to get me the results I wanted … so I had to just … Shut. Up. … Luckily I had a great buddy along in the journey, and if I even hinted at a teeny whinge, he would hang up the phone … so I learned pretty quickly to just get on with the doing!

So why do people struggle so much with this? Why do people prefer to play the victim than be accountable? …. Ohhh ohhh I know the answer!!!! :) … do you???!?!?

…… Because it’s EASIER!

It’s SO easy to wander through life without taking any responsibility

It’s SO easy to blame and criticize

It’s SO easy to make excuses and not try

It’s SO easy to watch TV and do nothing

I get it! I really do! But to me life isn’t about easy. To me life is about growing, learning, achieving, succeeding and having a BUCKET load of fun, laughter and excitement along the way!

So when my horse doesn’t get his changes, or score what I want in a test…

could say:

It’s my horse, the weather, the judges, the surface, the other horses in the warm-up, the plastic bag that spooked him, blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!! … Can you tell I don’t care too much for that crap … I mean; sorry the “reality”

I say: Damn … What do I need to learn from this? What was great about this? What do I need to differently from now on? What do I need to focus more on?

And I go along my merry way – learning, growing, achieving, succeeding and having a BUCKET load of fun, laughter and excitement along the way … and I don’t know … seems to kind of work … I do ok in riding :)

But yeah, totally – if you want to stick with your strategy and the blaming, and the excuses, rock on! …. Love to hear how that is working out for you and the results you’re getting using that strategy!!! :)

You see, the minute you start allowing “the excuses” to be the REASON for your failure, we are in BIG trouble!!!!!

Because you are saying the reason for your failure is external to you – and if it is external to you then you can’t control it, and if you can’t control it then that means … uh oh!

So the answer lies in the control of what you can control … and in riding what can you control? … Oh, that’s right – we can control ourselves! … phew, lucky!!! I thought this was going to be hard!!! :)

So we can control how we respond, how we feel, how we react, how we think, what we do next …

Now is this easy? .. no :)

Is it worth it? … Yes :)

Now I know because you are reading my blog that you are ALL ready to rock – come what may, ready to do what has to be done to get the results you want!!! So let’s look at :

How To Become Accountable For Your Outcomes

If you’re sold on the idea that you MUST take responsibility for the results you get, the next question should be, “what’s the best way to do this?”

Easy :)

There are 2 critical elements you need to ensure you remain accountable:

  1. Set clear goals and a vision of exactly what you intend to achieve – This is completely covered in Workshop 1 of the Dream Team
  2. Have an external system to hold you accountable to those outcomes – The entire 12 months of the Dream Team

That’s why in the dream Team I am obsessed with meeting every 90 days, and every 30 days we check in with your goals and make sure you are on track! … And yes, if you start the excuses we will hang up on you too!!! :)

Make this one commitment – that you are going to be 100% accountable for your outcomes – and watch your riding, and your life, transform.

To Your Everlasting Success and Growth!

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