Once you see how EASY, FUN & ACHIEVABLE the system is, you’ll wonder why you ever tried to do it alone..

Dressage Mastery Academy

Discover How To Quickly and Easily Improve Your Dressage Riding and Never Feel Alone, Confused & Frustrated Again

Leading Online Coaching Specialist & Grand Prix Dressage Rider Natasha Althoff Reveals Her Revolutionary Step by-Step Online Training Program That Guides Riders From Basics to Grand Prix

Dear Dressage Riding Superstar,

Dressage can be a struggle at first – I get that. When I first started riding I naively set the goal to reach Grand Prix in 5 years! Little did I know that I was in for a difficult journey of tears, frustration and thoughts of giving up.

This journey is where I would make every mistake in the book, feel alone in my training and be lost and confused with what to do next!

One of the advantages of the journey I took to Grand Prix is that I’ve done my 10,000 hours of training, and had the chance to work with dozens of world-class trainers and Grand Prix Dressage riders, and coach 1000’s of riders world-wide.

What I discovered was that I was not unique in my experiences of frustration and helplessness in my dressage journey. In fact, riders all around the world were having these same experiences of confusion, not knowing what to do and feeling alone.

In fact, did you know that most dressage riders struggle with the same things – They all need to know how to…

  • Connect their seat more effectively with the horse
  • Train effectively and productively by themselves
  • Fix small common problems early before they become big problems
  • Keep their hands still and supple
  • Follow the German Training Scale, but more importantly understand the German Training Scale
  • Learn and understand the Rider Success Scale
  • Learn and master the rider mindset so you can ride with complete clarity and focus
  • Progress in their training
  • Have fun learning and enjoy the journey

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get all these things to come together?

I Totally Understand

It’s not your fault, you’ve probably heard many different opinions and learned from a whole bunch of different coaches and are more confused than ever…

That’s OK. You are in the right place. I have helped thousands of riders just like you get on track with their dressage journey so I’m confident to say I can help you.

You don’t know what you don’t know. And right now you are trying to progress in your dressage journey while missing the secret ingredient. Its like trying to drive your car without a steering wheel. It just doesn’t work, no matter how hard you try.

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing the secret with you so you can get massive results and enjoy your dressage journey again.

The ‘Secret Scale’ for Better Understanding & Accelerated Progress

I found that most riders, myself included, were lacking in development as a rider to keep up with the German Training Scale. Riders and trainers were so focused on what the system was saying, what the horse needed to do, and how the horse needed to develop.

BUT the development of the rider to keep up with the horse was neglected.

And from necessity, ‘The Rider Success Scale’ was created. The Rider Success Scale works on the progress of the rider and pairs perfectly with the German Training Scale. Many coaches tend to focus solely on the horse and neglect the progress of the rider. This creates a frustrating and unrewarding experience for everyone. The riders skill and strength has to be developed along side the horses skill and strength so an even partnership is maintained throughout the training journey.

The Rider Success Scale is the missing piece of the puzzle for most riders.

The Rider Success Scale ensures real progress is being made and ultimately the journey is much more fun for you when you understand what you are doing and progressing through the levels.

The creation of the Rider Success Scale came about from a drive to become a Grand Prix dressage rider. It took years of work, trial and error, and a belief that there has to better way.

Where I had previously been stuck at 3rd level (Medium) for so long, I suddenly made serious progress and sped along to successfully competing at Grand Prix level.

The system worked for me but what about other riders? I taught my new training system to a handful of riders, integrating it with the German Training scale. And it was their renewed passion for riding, understanding, and progress that I began to understand the power of the system I had created.

The key to my coaching system is my in depth training in communication, coaching and NLP training. My skill is taking something that is complex and requires a lot of feeling and breaking it down into simple easy to follow step by step instructions I attribute much of this to my training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

It was through this training and studies that I was able to take the complexities of Dressage and teach them so that any rider could understand the principles and apply them to their riding.

I love I can share my proven step-by-step riding system all over the world so riders can receive riding instruction from the comfort of their own home or even their stables.


The Dressage Mastery Academy.

Your Complete Online Training Program from Basics to Grand Prix (or anywhere in between) that Guides You in a Fun & Successful Way…

The Dressage Mastery Program is designed to:

  • Help you enjoy your riding and have fun while you learn
  • Give you a complete framework and structure to train your horse from a 3 year old to Grand Prix
  • Make you smile and enjoy the journey
  • To clear up misunderstandings and confusion around training a dressage horse helping you understand what you need to do and when you need to do it to progress you through the levels
  • Make you feel good about riding, learning and mastering dressage
  • Demystify and help you understand complicated feeling terms such as thoroughness, losgelassenheit, connection, on-the-bit and impulsion
  • Give you a complete system of knowing what to do when you rides so you never feel lost again.
  • Improve your seat so you have a more centred, stable feeling in the saddle looking like a Grand Prix Dressage Rider

How Does The Dressage Mastery Program Work?

Dressage Mastery Academy teaches the 6 parts that make up the German Training Scale and the 6 parts that make up the Rider Success Scale which results in 12 lessons. Master these 12 lessons and you are going up to the next grade! Each grade still focus on the 12 lessons but adds on the movements required for that level.

If you are training the Grand Prix level or training 1st level the focus is still exactly the same with the emphasis placed on these 12 lessons. The challenge becomes keeping the 12 levels good while you add the movements.

The first level of training in Dressage Mastery is Basics or ‘Foundation’ level. This is the key to building your foundation for you as the rider and trainer for you and your horse. In having a solid base, it is easier for you to progress through the grades to get to where you want.

Some of the lessons in foundations include:

  • The 3 must do’s to having a seat like a Grand Prix rider
  • How to ensure straightness in your horse… a vital step riders get wrong
  • Losgelassenheit – heard of it? Possibly the secret to the German riders dominance in dressage for so long
  • Preparing for the perfect transition
  • The 7 step checklist for the correct leg-yield
  • 10 rules for a winning mindset
  • Understanding the most mis-understood term in dressage riding… ‘the half-halt’

In Additional To The 12 Modules, You Will Receive The Following Riding Bonuses With Your Membership To Accelerate Your Results

VIP Membership to Dressage Insider

The Dressage Insider Membership was created do to the many requests from riders around the world wanting to see what happens behind the scenes at the stables.

I’ll share with you my private training, the latest learnings from Olympians and World Class Trainers, me teaching everyday riders additional lessons to DMA, where you’ll be able to learnings from each and apply it to your riding. And discover what happens behind the scenes at the stables from grooming and stable tips and much, much more.

Yearly Value $228

Included in your membership

Private Facebook Group

Want to ask questions to me and also other DMA members through the program? How about for lifetime after the program? Then this is the way to do it.

I help out fellow DMA members in this Facebook group plus post new relevant videos and updates on an ongoing basis.

You’ll love being apart of this community.

Yearly Value $600

Included in your membership

Live ‘Q & A’s’ With Me

Do you your own riding question related to your horse that you would like answered in more detail?

Join me ‘Live’ quarterly as I answer my Private Dressage Mastery Academy Members questions on Facebook. This is your chance to have your very own questions answered live by me.

Riders have found this super valuable to hear a longer answer related to their very current problem AND it’s another excuse to hang out and learn some great things from other riders questions.

Yearly Value $800

Included in your membership

Monthly Riding Challenges

fun activities and games, and that is why each month I include a fun challenge that complements the months learning.

These fun challenges have already been taken up by hundreds of riders and regardless of your horse, you’ll be able to participate in these challenges. Members then love sharing their experiences where the community supports, assists and celebrates your monthly wins!

Yearly Value $228

Included in your membership

Dressage Mastery Personal Success Session

Meet with your personal trained Dressage Mastery Success consultant to gain clarity and direction in you riding goals. In this power session they will guide you in creating your ideal dressage riding plan to ensure you get maximum results in your riding journey.

Yearly Value $197

Included in your membership

Do You Want Quicker Progress and Fewer Riding Frustrations?

I was once stuck and lost like you are in your your journey. There was no step-by-step system to follow each week and riding was frustrating. I didn’t know what I should be doing. I didn’t know how to fix my horse problems. AND I didn’t know how to get my horses to go better so I could win competitions.

There was no clear system on how to train and what to work on each ride AND no answers for what to do when things went wrong.

I am sure you can relate to this!

I read all the books written on dressage, watched many training videos, trained in person with many world class Olympians and trainers, and spent months at their stables.

It took 15 years making mistakes, coming last, getting it wrong, looking bad and not getting anywhere fast… BUT I finally figured it out.

So can you. You can do what I did and take the same road


Be smarter than I was and take the short cut. You might not have 15 years and 10,000 spare hours to learn it all or to figure it out. You may not be prepared to fail over and over and over again while you learn what works and what doesn’t. You may not want to feel frustrated, alone and unsure anymore.

Follow the step-by-step journey in Dressage Mastery Academy that condenses down everything I’ve learned. And be guided on an exciting journey where you’ll save time, money, frustrations and thoughts of giving up.

Don’t let the fact that it’s a monthly training program fool you. Over 15 years and 10,000 hours of learning and experience and years of production and development

Simple to Use. Even Simpler to Follow…

I had the Dressage Mastery Academy members area designed so it’s super simple to use. Computers and me don’t get along, sometimes I don’t even know how to turn it on!

So it is super simple to login to, and to walk through step by step what to do. You get to sit back and watch the videos, follow along with your printed notes as I walk you through what to do.

The system is simple and FAST to learn so you can implement this information immediately on your horse next ride.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system of a rider who has made thousands of costly mistakes before becoming a competitive Grand Prix rider.

Each Month You Will Receive…


Videos of me riding or coaching a variety of riders.

Including GoPro footage to give you views of what the riders hands are doing so you’ll be able to learn quicker and see what works and what doesn’t work.


Take these downloadable lessons and learn whenever you want by having an instructor in your ear.

Listen on the road, at the barn or on a walk. These lessons will explain what is happening at every moment giving you a complete picture of what’s happening.


Finally a class you wish they had at school! Learn the strategies you need to train your horse through the levels. You’ll finally have a complete understanding of all dressage terms like never before!


Videos of me riding or coaching a varieta. Complete with checklists and a troubleshooting guide so you can refer to anything you need if you get lost or stuck in your training.y of riders..

Download these and print them out and write notes in it as you make your way through the training.

Your first manual is over 25 pages.


You’ll never be stuck again in what to do in a riding session!

Follow these training plans when you ride. They are carefully thought out to make the most from your ride at each level.

The result… a complete worked horse and quicker and progress.


These fun, useful challenges will have you sharing with the private riding community we have how you are going with this months challenge.

They provide an additional challenge and goal for the month ensuring you make real progress and results every single month.

Real People, Real Results

There’s Been Many Amazing Results For Riders Who Have Followed My Proven Step-By-Step System. Here Is Just A Handful Of Their Stories

The Best Money I Have Spent on Training How To Ride

“I am telling you this is the best money I have spent on training how to ride in comparison to all the other money I have spent. The confidence that you have given me in your informative and uplifting way of teaching what you do is AMAZING. I am a different rider.’”

Dolly Marketakis

United States

It is just brilliant… having read Natasha’s explanation of the German Training Scale – I’m a change person

““I have had dressage coaches talk to me about the German training scale, and I have looked at it myself too, and I have been none the wiser! But having read Natasha’s explanation of the German dressage scale – well – I’m a changed person.

I just “get it” now! I understand why judges have been giving me poor marks in dressage tests. I now “know” that I can train my horse to be good at dressage.

I just want to say “THANK YOU” for putting so much thought into it – how to phrase it and what questions to answer. It is just brilliantly put together, brilliantly thought through and brilliantly explained. Just LOVE IT! THANKS!’”

Ania Bodeit


We went really well and were rewarded with a first place!

“I have just completed 6 moths of Dressage Mastery. Today I tested it out by attending my first competition since starting the program. Huge difference in my riding, my warm up, my mindset… everything!

It was British Dressage affiliated Preliminary, and we went really well and were rewarded with a first place! Enormous thanks to the dressage mastery team for helping me achieve this!”

Maggy Wilson

United Kingdom

“Since there is no dressage trainer nearby, I would like to thank you for having come up with a genuine program”

“Since there is no dressage trainer nearby, I would like to thank you for having come up with a genuine program and to be a very educational instructor.

I particularly like how you explain everything thoroughly, and not least that you explain WHY it’s done so.

I really appreciate being able to work toward specific goals, and greatly appreciate the “tests” along the way. Previously I have been struggling to know what to prioritise and focus on, with the result that I ended up just riding circle after circle without either sense or purpose.”

Cameilla Isabell


This is just a few of the many riders who have progressed in their dressage journey and have gained REAL results from following my proven system.

The One Thing Which You Can Never Get Back Is Time And That Is What ‘Dressage Mastery Academy’ Saves You and Gives You

Could you successfully make it through the grades and ultimately become a Grand Prix dressage rider on your own without ‘Dressage Mastery Academy’? Sure you could, but why?

Why should you go through all the tears, frustrations and trial and error that I did?

To learn through trial and error when you don’t need to is painful and unnecessary. Especially when you have someone who understands and has taken the time to lay it all out for you in a complete step-by-step system. And that system is ready for you right now.

Get Started Today


$79 /per Month

(only $2.62 per day)

Monthly Membership


$790 /per Year $948

You Save $158 (2 Months FREE)

Annual Membership

My “Love it or Your Money Back” No Risk Guarantee

You Are Protected By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If Dressage Mastery does not perform exactly the way in which I have described it to you, just simply contact me within 30 days and we will immediately give you a prompt refund of your purchase with absolutely no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

You Have A Choice To Make Today

You can continue on at your own pace and the way that you have previously been doing things. And someday you may or may not make it to FEI or even Grand Prix but the journey will be tough.


You can make the same decision which thousands of people have already made and that is to let me teach you. Let me be your guide, hold your hand and give you the instruction and training which you rightfully deserve.

Which is it?

YES Natasha! I want to learn the exact strategies and techniques which have been proven for making serious riding progress. I want to fast track my learning and my results and get back that enjoyment of riding!

YES Natasha! I want to learn the exact strategies and techniques which have been proven for making serious riding progress. I want to fast track my learning and my results and get back that enjoyment of riding!

This Offer in its Current Form May Not Be Around For Ever

Dressage Mastery Academy is the riding solution that riders have been after. The exciting thing is that I continually add to Dressage Mastery year after year. I am training with the worlds best riders and trainers – building upon it giving riders even more value.

Dressage Mastery Academy has already had 2 price increases. The last increase was from $49 to $79 per month!

Even now I am working on new material to include in Dressage Mastery Academy. Exciting new exercises I’ve been learning from top trainers that I know will help you massively in your riding. With all this extra content the price is sure to go up in the near future.

Time is of the essence to grab Dressage Mastery at its current price. Once you are a member, your membership price stays fixed! Even when Dressage Mastery price goes up, yours does not!

Imagine how your riding will look and feel when you take action today…

  • Confidently knowing exactly what to do every time you enter the arena.
  • Clearly communicating with your horse so that it understands your aids each and every time. So that your thoughts are your horses actions.
  • Winning at your next competition and riding the best test you and your horse are capable of.
  • Making some serious progress through the grades to the next level and even riding at FEI or Grand Prix.
  • Having the seat of a top dressage rider sitting still and looking as one with your horse.
  • Enjoying your riding once again knowing that you are not alone.
  • Having the answers you need any time a riding challenge arises so that you can fix it quickly and easily before it becomes a bigger problem.

I am so excited to welcome you into the Dressage Mastery Academy where you will discover a whole new way of training. I know you will find the success and the enjoyment you have been looking for in your dressage journey.

To Your Success

Natasha Althoff

Grand Prix Dressage Rider & Dressage Coach Specialist

P.S. Where will you be in 30 days, 100 days or even a year from now in your riding if you don’t act now? Frustrated and confused after pouring your heart into it? Perhaps worse still is you could be in the same spot!

The proven step-by-step system that cost me over $250k and 15 years to learn have worked for countless other people just like you. It’s 100% guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose money. It’s a no brainer.

Frequently Asked Questions that Natasha Receives:

Q: Why should I join Dressage Mastery?
Have you ever wanted dressage riding to be simpler to understand?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Less confusing? ​​​​​​​I know when I was learning, all I wanted was a system to follow, which is why I created the Dressage Mastery program. ​​​​​​​This is why Lisette joined… ​​​​​​​’The reason why I joined your program recently is because I’m getting confused by all the information I get. I need some (read: lots of!) structure and guidance. Thank you so much for the opportunity and the passionate way you share your knowledge and skills!’
Q: Can I pause my account at any time to catch up?

If you need to catch up, you can downgrade to Dressage Insider ($19/month) which means you will continue to have access to all of your Dressage Mastery levels and give yourself time to catch up and master the previous months lessons. Simply email us at and let us know you’d like to downgrade your membership and a member of our support team will confirm within 2 business days. You can of course restart Dressage Mastery at any time you like – just send us an email and we will set it all up!

Q: How much is Dressage Mastery?
Dressage Mastery Academy is currently $79 per month. Each module is 6 months long, and you can go as far or as little as you like through the program – there is no lock in contract.
Q: How do I sign up to the Dressage Mastery Academy program?
To sign up to the program, CLICK HERE or go to the home page of the website and click on the ‘Join us’ button and fill out your details – you will receive all of your login information to the email address you provided (so make sure you triple check it is correct!) and you will have access to the first month of Module 1.
Q: What do I get each month?
Each month you will be given access to the next month in your current module, as well as continuing to have access to every other month you have paid for up until that point, as long as you are a current member. Each module contains a video on the topic of the month, with Natasha explaining how the month’s German Training Scale and Rider Success Scale components intertwine together. We then take you out onto the arena with you see Natasha training a young horse and a higher level horse on that topic, as well as instructing another rider for the first time.There is also an accompanying manual for you to work through and fill out for the month.As a Dressage Mastery Academy member, you also have access to Dressage Insider (valued at $19/month) FREE as part of you membership.dressage mastery manual
Q: Can I get the program in hard copy? My computer is old and slow, and I would prefer to watch the videos on the TV.

Dressage Mastery Academy is an online program. However, you can most certainly receive Dressage Mastery Academy in hard copy if you wish. The hard copy version is an extra $30 per month. Postage is free for Australian residents (Month 1 of each module is the exception, as we send you out a folder – this is an extra $50). International riders will just need to pay the postage charges, which we can calculate for you. If you would like more information on Dressage Mastery Academy in hard copy, email us at

Q: How long do I have access to the months that I have paid for?
Dressage Mastery Academy is a subscription program, so as long as you are a current member you will have access to everything you have paid for so far. If you need to catch up, you can downgrade to Dressage Insider, which means you will continue to have access to all previous Dressage Mastery Academy levels while you catch up, as well as new Dressage Insider content each week.
Q: English is not my first language – I am located overseas, but I do speak English well – will this program help me with my dressage riding?

Of course!! The ideas and techniques are universal. Everything is in English (Natasha is from Australia) including the manual and the videos, but the concepts are the same regardless of country or language.

Q: Is the program available in other languages?

At this stage, Dressage Mastery Academy is only available in English. If you feel that the program would benefit from being translated into your language – we are open to volunteers to help translate it!

Q: How will I stay motivated and supported throughout my dressage journey since this is an online program?
We have set up a private online Facebook community – the page is called “Dressage Mastery Academy”. If you wish to be a part of the Facebook group, simply search for the page “Dressage Mastery Academy” and request to be a part of the group. If your Facebook name is different to the one you registered when you signed up for Dressage Mastery Academy – just send through an email to letting us know who you are, or send a message to “Your Riding Success”.The Facebook group gives you access to other members of the program, so that you can swap stories, support and champion each other throughout the program. Natasha also posts regularly in the group, and you are the first people to have access to the next weeks Dressage Mastery TV 🙂
Q: Do I pay $79 per month forever? Or is it just for 6 months?
No – you pay $79 per moth for as long as you wish to stay a member of Dressage Mastery Academy and feel that you are getting value from the program. There are 10 modules, each is 6 months long – so if you were to progress with the academy the whole way through to Grand Prix, you would be paying $79 per month for 5 years of content. However, we understand you may not progress as fast as the program, especially through the higher levels, so you can downgrade the program to catch up at any time throughout your journey, or cancel if you feel you have achieved your goals and do not wish to progress any further. Please Note: As this is a subscription program, if you cancel, you will no longer have access to Dressage Mastery Academy. If you would like to have continued access to all of the program you have received so far, you can downgrade to Dressage Insider for $19/month.
Q: I am an Advanced/Level 4 dressage rider – can I purchase and start the academy from Module 6?

Yes, you can start the program at any stage you like – we do suggest you do the first 6 months (Module 1 – Mastery of the Basics) so that you understand the concepts that will be used in the advanced/level 4 module.

As of yet, only Module 1, 2, 3 & 4 are complete, and we are working on Module 5, as Natasha is using her Elementary/Second Level horse and an Medium/Third Level horse as a test subject that progresses through the levels – this is so that you don’t just see everything on a Grand Prix horse that has been there and done that and has all of the buttons – you also see it on a young horse just learning all of the movements. As she progresses with her young horse, so will Dressage Mastery Academy.

Q: I love Natasha’s YouTube videos and learnings, but I think my money would be better spent on private lessons rather than an online program – would Dressage Mastery Academy be of any benefit to me?

We understand your apprehension about an online program – that’s why we have two levels of membership (Dressage Mastery Academy being the first one), with Dressage Insider at $19/month, which gives you either Natasha training one of her riders in dressage or barn secrets so that you can see what Natasha does behind the scenes running her successful dressage stable, so everyone can see how this program works, how Natasha teaches and conveys her wealth of dressage knowledge to you, and the learnings you do receive each month of the program.

With a private lesson from a coach on your horse, the lesson is gone once you have finished – whereas Dressage Mastery Academy gives you subscription access to the learnings, which you can go over and over again at your leisure.

Q: Are my details secure?

Yes – Dressage Mastery Academy (and Your Riding Success) will not share any of your details with anyone. We keep your email address so that we can contact you, but this is not shared with any 3rd parties.

Dressage Mastery Academy uses a secure payment gateway – eWay – to process your transactions each month, so you can be confident that your details are kept private and will not be shared or compromised in any way.

We also use PayPal Payments Pro, which is a branch of PayPal used for businesses that have subscription products like Dressage Mastery Academy available.

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