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Hello and welcome to EPISODE 24 of MOTIVATION MONDAY – all about LIFE.

‘Life has 2 Rules. #1 Never Quit. #2 Always remember rule #1’.

Never Quit. Keep going, keep training and if you feel like giving up, don’t! It means you are just about to have a breakthrough and achieve something amazing!

Natasha still is inviting riders to be part of her Goal Setting Group for 2016. The participants are getting amazing results and everyone is supporting and holding each other accountable.

Have a fantastic riding week 🙂

What is your Vision for your horse riding in 2016? What are your riding goals for 2016? Now is the time to start thinking of them and getting clear about what you want. Remember from a previous Monday Motivation, ‘failing to plan , is planning to fail’. Don’t leave your 2016 to chance, make it your year on your terms.

Do you want more from your riding in 2016? Check out the link below and sign up for the free video series on creating your vision, goal setting, planning, action and much more!! Places are limited and we would love to have you as part of Make 2016 Your Best Riding Year Yet, so click here to sign up now!

Have a fantastic riding week 🙂