Achieve Your Ultimate Riding Goals & Master Your Wheel of Life

Ensure you have the map and the blueprint you need to get the riding results and success you dream of. Say ‘YES’ to you and your dreams by joining us today in Life Mastery before the timer runs out and continue to soar with the eagles.

Why Life Mastery Is Right For You…

As I said in Month 12 of Goal Mastery, your continued success in achieving your goals is so dependent on environment. A famous quote puts it very nicely, ‘It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you’re surrounded by chickens’.
Life Mastery provides you with an environment to soar with the eagles.
You’ll learn how to have the ultimate success in each area of your life to have a successful and balanced Wheel Of Life.
I am so excited for you, as you are on the cusp of embarking on a journey that will change your riding and your life.

Inside the Life Mastery program you will…

  • Action Workshop Day 1 – Learn the secret of action. And how to control and manipulate the secret to ensure you take daily action easily and effortlessly every day. Understand the 4 levels of operating and how to choose the level that ensures success every single time.
  • Action Workshop Day 2 – Learn the power of habits and compound interest when it comes to what you do on a daily habit basis that makes all the difference to your life outcome. Change your habits, change your life and get the results you want.
  • Health Mastery – Without our health we cannot achieve our goals. Learn the basics of health mastery in humans so we can have energy, health and strength to operate at our best and do what we need to do to achieve success in our lives.
  • Emotional Mastery – Master your emotions and you will master your lives. Exercises and training in emotional mastery and how to harness the incredible power of emotion to work for us not against us in pursuit of our goals.
  • Wealth Mastery 1 – Money is energy and neither good or bad. It is important to master wealth so we have what we need to achieve our goals. In this first course we talk about the basics of wealth mastery and practical strategies to handle and manage our income, expenses and negative debt elimination so we can achieve our goals.
  • Wealth Mastery 2 – Money makes money. When wealth basics is mastered we can move onto creating more wealth and having your money go to work to make more money. General investment principles, positive debt and achieving wealth goals is all explored and explained in this course.
  • 6 Core Needs and How To Meet Them Resourcefully – Every human being on the planet has 6 core needs. These are needs that MUST be met, not just wants. We can meet these needs resourcefully or unrescourcefully. Learn the 6 core needs and how to meet them for you resourcefully as well as learn your two driving needs that dictate how you live and the choices you make in your day to day life.
  • Work/Business Success – There are proven strategies and principles that dictate how to get ahead, whether you want a promotion and to ascend in you workplace, or successfully run your own business, it all comes down to how much value you can bring and serve. Learn how to increase your value and give more, so more success comes back to you.
  • Relationship Success – Relationships are the core of success and gives us meaning to our lives. However relationships don’t just ‘work’. You need to care and nurture them as well as have a sound understanding of how they work and how too improve them. Learn the 4 stages of a relationship; masculine, feminine energy and metaprograms so you can communicate with your loved ones on a much deeper and more meaningful level.
  • Sex Success – We are sexual beings that need to express ourselves sexually for a relationship to work at a whole new level of excitement, passion, love and intimacy. Learn the three types of sex for relationship success, how to communicate for what you want in the bedroom and how to use different archetypes for expression in the bedroom.
  • 30 Days To More Confidence – We can all do with more confidence! This 30 day course gives you 30 mini exercises that you do daily that add up over the 30 days to give you immeasurable confidence in a month!
  • How To Make Friends and Have Everyone Love You – How do you make friends as an adult? How do you make small talk at parties? How do you talk with and create great conversation to people you don’t know. All this and more will be answered in this course.
  • BONUS 21 Secrets to Success 21 keys to success. Do these 21 keys and success is yours.
  • BONUS Exclusive Facebook Community with Natasha giving monthly facebook lives and extra Monday motivations. Stay motivated and inspired with this fabulous group of people committed to being the best they can be with Natasha leading the way.
  • BONUS Matching With An Accountability Partner. Have a person using a trained script to get the most out of every week/month/quarter so you can be all you can be.

INVEST Today and Take Advantage of Your Special Offer

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to be part of Life Mastery. The investment into the program is normally $99 monthly for 12 months. BUT, I’ve had so much fun creating this program and seeing the results from my current members that I wanted to offer you a super, special offer.

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So what would it mean to achieve your big riding goals and dreams?

Here’s what other riders have to say about Goal Setting Success Mastery…

“I’ve bought an investment property because of this course thankyou Tash!”
– Stacey

“Since last doing a goal setting workshop with Tash I have completed my intro AND achieved the seemingly impossible goal of buying and moving onto acreage without first having to divorce my ‘I’m not leaving the suburbs’ husband!”
– Marelle

“I’ve achieved my riding goal of going up 2 levels (after being stuck at the same level for 6 years)! Goal setting has brought such an incredible change in my life, and it’s all thanks to Natasha’s program!” – Maria

“I was a first time member this year and it completely changed my world. It gave me the kick in the butt I needed to reassess everything and I am so much happier now then I was this same time last year. I cant wait for the new program to start!”
– Natasha

“Can’t wait to start Life Mastery 2018! I have been doing Tash’s goal programs since the beginning. It is truly life changing stuff! I cannot imagine my life without the guidance Tash has given me. She knows her stuff! This year looks to be the best program she has done yet so I would encourage anyone who’s thinking about it, to jump on board, you will be glad you did!”
– Emma

“2017 was my first goal setting year, it has kept me going as I passed through some dark places, great support, keeps your eye on the prize.

Looking forward to 2018!”

– Brenda

“You have helped my husband and I more than you could imagine. We were heading in an unhappy direction and struggling to find time to enjoy ourselves, each other, our kids and our hobbies…. So because of your goal setting program we re-evaluated our lives and have decided that instead of building our house right now, we are taking our 4 kids, buying a yacht in Europe and sailing the world for 18 months!  

With your kick up our butts we sold our house last Christmas, bought 10 acres, built a live in shed/stables and started planning the house build – until we both realised that now is the best time to do something important for us and our kids…. so next year in march we will head off sailing!  

I’ll be back to see you and goal setting after our sailing adventure.  

Thank you for the great advice!  

The diary is my reference book, planner, organiser, checklist….. horse health scheduler….. lesson planner…. ! Did i mention that I love that diary?”
– Kirstin

I am really excited to have you join us in Life Mastery. This is the start of a wonderful new journey for you and I look forward to guiding you to fulfilling those riding goals and dreams that you are wanting to achieve.

See you on the inside so we can get started today!

To Your Life Mastery,

Natasha Althoff

P.S. You can have the results you dream of. You just need to know the system that gets results and take action.

P.P.S. I can’t wait to celebrate all your amazing success coming for you soon! Remember, this is not a subscription program, rather a payment plan over 12 months to make investing in your goal setting even easier.

P.P.P.S. Remember, this is a special action takers investment, so jump in to make sure you get yours today.