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Hello superstar riders!!!! :):):)

Happy New Year!!!! :):):)

I trust you are all pumped and ready for an amazing 2013!!!!!

My numbers may be off, but I read that somewhere around 90% of people that have made New Years Resolutions have stopped doing it 2 weeks into January!!!

Is that you?!?!?!? That’s not you?!?!?!

Or are you one of the people who doesn’t set New Year resolutions?

What makes me giggle about the ‘New Near’ or the ‘new start’ is that people seem to think that all of a sudden they would have suddenly found the commitment, discipline, tenacity and hard work required to stick to their goal and make it happen. Just because you set the goal in the New Year doesn’t mean it will be any easier. Rather than changing the goal or not setting goals… how about you have one goal – and that’s to follow through.

That’s it.

Follow through on your private promises – yes that promise you made to yourself to get up at 5am in the morning and go for a run. Yes that promise to spend more quality time with your family rather than watch TV. Whatever it is, just do that!

When you start ‘doing’ -then you start to get the results you want. Most people are clear on what they want – stop smoking, or lose weight, or get to Level 1, but that’s where it all stops. To get the goal or the result you need to start doing some things differently! You will have to do things that step outside your comfort zone. And that is where you have your choice. Most people choose safe and choose familiar, so they don’t make a lasting change and they wait until ‘next year’ for it to suddenly be easier. Guess what!!! It’s never going to be easier! This is it, so what will you choose?!?!?!?!

I’ll leave you with that as my New Years rant and wish you all an amazing, extraordinary, loving, successful, happy 2013!!!!

To Your 2013 Success!!!

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Natasha Althoff