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Hey all you Riding Superstars! :)

How is your riding going this week?

I had a super day yesterday going down to Equitana and trying out for the Kyra Kyrklund clinic.

I would love to tell you all about the learnings but they will be coming on Saturday morning in the Specialist Dressage Clinic so that will have to wait until next week :)

I wanted to talk today about goals. You see – I had a goal to ride in a masterclass clinic at Equitana ever since 2005, when I went to the Exhibition building and saw the Anky clinic.

Now – when people talk to me about setting goals, the very first thing you need to think about is… is this goal in my control or not?

So, to ride in a masterclass clinic certainly needs me to ride well, continue to work hard and improve, and put myself in the best position I can, to gain entry into the clinic. Ultimately placement in the clinic is out of my control. The person running the clinic is looking for a certain criteria, based on what they want the class to be about, and whether you have the best horse in the world or not has no bearing on it, if you can’t demonstrate the specific challenge they want to talk about.

These kinds of goals I call my ‘one-day’ goals. Not because I think I can’t get them, just ultimately I need a bit of luck, or things to go right – based on things outside of my control – to fall into alignment for it to happen. So I can’t be specific and put a time frame on it, as I’m not in control of that. I just confidently know by riding well, and doing my best in everything I do, and giving my all and focus on how to give value, I will ‘one day’ get there! :)

I trust this helps, and even inspires you to set some ‘one-day’ goals. I have many of them, and a lot of them were set in my teenage years. The time it takes is not important. I had to wait 18 years to ride Grand Prix! :) But with determination, dedication and a willingness to believe anything is possible, magic can and does happen all the time! :)

To Your Success!

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