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Welcome to my last blog post of 2011!

How exciting!

How has your week been?

For me – I have been going crazy with my diaries to make sure everything is in place for 2012. I have three diaries – one for Your Riding Success, one for Ebony Park and one personal one. They each have over 400 pages in them (!!) and are filled with the vision, goals, plans and action steps that will ensure I get to where I am going.

So how do you set goals and make sure 2011 is extraordinary?

Well – you start with the dream. If you could have anything, be anything, go anywhere, do anything… What would your dream life look like?

Then you set goals, which are your markers along the way.

Then you make plans on how you will ensure you reach the goals you have set…

And finally – you take MASSIVE action on the plan, and do the steps every day, which are required to achieve the goals.

Easy hey :)

Easy to say, hours and hours and hours of work to do!

So I encourage all of you to take the time required to dream, then set goals, and then the time really is in the planning. Plan and plan and plan how you will get this to happen. Anyone who is in my programs, or knows me personally laughs at how planned my life is. I can tell you what I am doing in September of 2013, January 2016, and August of 2020. I can tell you when I am having my first and second child, when I will run a half marathon and when I will be able to do an extreme level pole dance. I can tell you which Olympics I am going for and for the 6 after that.

Now I know for some people that is scary! They like to live by the moment, or not set goals, in case they are not reached and they are disappointed.

So instead they live day to day, going where the wind takes them and ‘hoping’ not ‘knowing’ their dreams will come true.

And you know what – if that gives them the life they want, GOOD! That’s perfectly right! There is no right or wrong.

But if they want different results, they have to do different things, and I know successful people plan, successful people set goals and successful people dream.

AND most importantly of all – successful people take action!

I hope you have had an amazing, brilliant 2011 and are pumped and ready to make 2012 extraordinary!

To your success and Happy New Year!

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