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Hey riding superstars!!

How is your riding going this week?!

For me, it has been a super week! I competed Friday and Sunday in two different Grand Prix’s. I LOVE doing them so close together, as I can really take the learnings from the first test, and apply them to the second. For me it’s not so much what the judges say… I know what our faults are!!! :) It’s what I have learned in the test – where I lose him, how can I better prepare for the next movement, etc.

In the first test – I loved my trot work and then lost my canter work in the two’s, canter half passes and the ones. So unfortunately that brought my score down considerably to a 59.787% and second place.

In the second I lost his forward and in front of the leg in the trot work so that was disappointing but the canter work was the best canter work I have done, getting all my two’s, half passes and ones. This gave me my second highest score in a Grand Prix with 61.6% with one judge giving me a 62.66%.

Oh for the day I get the trot work and canter work in the same test! :)

The Friday comp was especially fun for me, as I did the same competition last year and scored a disappointing 57.234% This means – ok, it takes a year to improve by 2.5%. But you know what I am ok with that! That means in:

  • 2014 = 62%
  • 2015 = 64.5%
  • 2016 = 67%
  • 2017 = 69.5%
  • 2018 = 72%

Ok so maybe it won’t work like that – but who knows! He is scoring a 7 for paces and a 7 for rider so a 70% is within us. All I know is that is my frame work, and I will be working my butt off as I always do, to ensure that we improve every year. Every year we get stronger and more in tune, and find the work easier and can dance more and be light more, and all of it just flows a whole lot more…

People often ask how do you get to Grand Prix … well it’s basically that, but with the levels. They say a good rider can make a GP horse in 5 years. Well for my first horse it took 10! And my second horse it took 5 but the scores weren’t very good. We are now 7 years together and it’s starting to come. As you can see – I’m ok with waiting 5 years to score a 70% :)

So no matter where you are in your riding, and no matter what your goals are… the question is… Are you prepared to wait? Are your prepared to work… and work… and work some more? Are you ready to lose, get hurt and fail? Are you ready to face setback after setback and keep climbing that mountain, even though it feels like all you keep doing is sliding down? If you are… then Congratulations! I know you will make it! If you aren’t – that’s cool. The price for success is high, if you don’t want to pay it that’s cool, and I trust you are also cool with the results you do get.

Love to know your thoughts and remember if you need anything – let me know! :)

To Your Success,

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Natasha Althoff