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Hi Superstars :)

Trust you have had an amazing week! :)

I had a super weekend out competing, and finally cracked the 60% barrier in my Grand Prix for this year with a new PB of 61.8%.

Yay!!!!!!!! :) It is really satisfying to reach a goal, and when I saw my score I had a smile, because only I know what I went through to get it. 61.8% in the Grand Prix is the highest score I have reached in the Grand Prix in my life, and Grand Prix is the highest level you can ride in dressage… so it’s the best score in dressage so far in my life.

That 61.8% therefore has taken 16 years of work to accomplish. 16 years of pain, frustration, disappointments and heartache I have had to experience and learn from to get my goal. Even in the last year, I have competed and failed to get the qualifying score to perform my Grand Prix Kur … not once, not twice, three times!!!! … Can I just share quietly that is a LOT of crying in the toilets until I can collect myself. :)

It’s not all bad! I had LOVED the last 16 years, and wouldn’t change anything about it as it all has accumulated to everything I know now, and those experiences had made me a better rider, trainer and coach. But I just want to instill in all of you reading this… You only EVER get to experience the results, the highs, the greatness, after you have been through the testing times. As my mentor says:

“Resilience is not optional for success; it is critical.”

To Your Resilience and Success!

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