Riding Journal Template Ideas

The beauty of the Success Journal is that you can make it fit your riding rather than using someone else’s set journal or diary that doesn’t quite fit you and your riding journey.

I totally understand that sometimes getting started is the hardest part, so here are some template ideas for you to think about and use in your Success Journal…

Information on my horse:

Date of Birth:
Vet Notes:
Competition Number/Registration Details (eg. Registration numbers for competing dressage)

Competition Planner:

Use the attached yearly planner (it has been adjusted in size to fit your diary if you click on the image, save it and print it out at 100% of the image size) to write in your competition dates.

Monthly Planner:

Write the dates that you are riding and what you will work on.

For Example:

What I did: (what did I do in my riding session today – what was my warm up, what exercises did I work on, what was my cool down?)

What I learned: (eg. To keep my horse rounder I need to keep a steadier outside rein, or I need to ride more forward or I need to prepare better etc…)
What I need to remember: (next riding session, what do I have to ensure I remember to do to get the same results?)