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Hello riding superstars!! :)

Thank you for all your wonderful birthday wishes and love! :)

I had an amazing time in Africa, and a fabulous time in the last week – where I spent a week at a riding lodge where Phil and I did 4 hours of horse riding every day through the African bush and mountains – looking at Impala, Zebra, Buffalo and Giraffe.

At the end of the week, I had other riders asking me how I found the riding, as it was cantering around without any thought in the world. I didn’t have to train my horse to listen to me, or use his back or come more through. I could just be, and let my horse be, and trust that he could carry me safely down rocky mountains and fast away from danger if necessary.

Now while I loved it, and had an amazing experience… I missed riding in my 60m x 20m arena like you wouldn’t believe!!!! I missed sitting trot and training for more bend and suppleness and engagement. I missed circles! I missed my horse, my relationship with my super man!

Now all that confirms for me is… I am right where I need to be! The people I rode with thought I was crazy! They thought I was missing out on the good stuff – the trail riding, the fun, the no pressure… but that to me isn’t the good stuff!!! What I do is the good stuff for me!!

This is where you need to look inside yourself, and know – and be ok with – what is fun for you? What do you love? Are you doing dressage but really you love trail riding? Remember – passion is everything! You must LOVE what you do! That is what brings you forward and sustains you when things get hard! So I hope for all of you reading this, that you are loving the riding you are doing, and getting as much joy from it as I do!!!!

To Your Success!!!

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