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We have just announced a FINAL RELEASE for “Make 2016 You Best Riding Year Yet” program. We have had such a huge response that 50 FINAL places have been released (there are only 12 left!). This will be the last places released as we just don’t have any more room, and we are unable to print any more diaries. Go to for more information and to join us now!

This weeks quote is from Henry Ford. ‘Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right’. Natasha discusses the importance of the quote in relation to horse riding. If you have the belief that you can’t canter, most likely in reality you can’t canter. What we believe to be true comes true.

So this quote is so important in relation to riding. Have the right beliefs & the right thoughts, and you’ll have the riding that you want.

Have a fantastic riding week 🙂

What is your Vision for your horse riding in 2016? What are your riding goals for 2016? Now is the time to start thinking of them and getting clear about what you want. Remember from a previous Monday Motivation, ‘failing to plan , is planning to fail’. Don’t leave your 2016 to chance, make it your year on your terms.

Do you want more from your riding in 2016? Check out the link below and sign up for the free video series on creating your vision, goal setting, planning, action and much more!! Places are limited and we would love to have you as part of Make 2016 Your Best Riding Year Yet, so click here to sign up now!

Have a fantastic riding week 🙂