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Hello Super riders!

What a fabulous day today! :)

This week I wanted to talk about a fabulous book called “The Ultimate Gift” by Jim Stovall

It is a beautiful story with a very poignant message. The story revolves around a young man called Jason, who has been left an inheritance of the ultimate gift – we don’t actually know what the ultimate gift is, and in order to receive it, he must set out every month and complete tasks. Only if he achieves all 12 tasks completely and correctly, will he get his ‘ultimate gift’ at the end of the year. So today I wanted to  talk about the first task, which is all about the value of work.

Jason has never had to work a day in his life – he has had all the material things he could ask for. He has had money, cars, houses, parties, but his great uncle realises by providing all that, Jason has missed the joy, the satisfaction, the growth and the fun of doing the work yourself.

So Jason is sent out to Texas to fence for a month, getting up at dawn and back at dusk – post after post, wire after wire. And Jason does change. He realises how money can’t buy you that feeling of self belief and self confidence, that you get when you work hard at something and get a result. Money can’t buy you that contentment in your body after a long hard days work, and you sit down at the end and look at all you have achieved. Money can’t buy you the achievement, the success, the knowing that you created something, that you did something today.

So I ask you – when it comes to your riding, are you grateful for the work you put into it? When you sit down at the end of the ride and reflect – whether the ride was good or bad, do you still feel that satisfaction of working towards something? Working towards your goals, and increasing your knowledge and your skills in that area.

Trust you are enjoying your work and getting satisfaction!! :)

To Your Success,

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